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I’m currently available to consult and my specialities and areas of expertise are:

  • Open source: I’ve worked in open source for nearly 15 years. In those times, I’ve had experience as an engineer working on open source projects used by millions. I’ve also helped start one of the most respected open source offices in the world at Twitter. If you need help open sourcing new projects or starting an open source office, please don’t hesitate and reach out.
  • Scalability: I worked at Twitter where we went from a hundred engineers to thousands. A lot of lessons were learned in not only scaling infrastructure with Apache Mesos, but scaling teams in those times.
  • Eclipse and Developer Tooling: I spent many years writing the Eclipse Plug-in Development tools and working on all sorts of Eclipse tooling. If you need advise on Eclipse or building developer tools for a large audience, please drop me a line.

If you want to chat, shoot me an email.