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Austin Eclipse DemoCamp Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the Austin DemoCamp is today. We have about 27 people registered and a few presentations to go over before we head for some classic Austin BBQ.

I will be discussing (slides) some of the new things in PDE for the Ganymede release. Ken Ryall from Nokia will be discussing the CDT and how Nokia leverages it in its Carbide product. Bradley Childs from IBM will be introducing the JavaScript Development Toolkit (JSDT) which I’m very interested in. When I rub my magical crystal ball, I see PDE in the future integrating with the JSDT in some ways when e4 starts taking off 😉

EclipseDay @ Google Recap

I have to say EclipseDay at the Googleplex was quite a success! Thank you to Robert, Mustafa and Leslie for putting things together!

The day started out with a talk about eBay’s usage of Eclipse by Michael Galpin. It was interesting to see how eBay turned Eclipse into its smorgasbord tooling platform to build applications for eBay’s website. When I asked if there was any issues or regrets in adopting Eclipse, Michael looked a bit stunned, paused for a bit and finally said no. I was surprised by the response 😉

I gave a talk about tips and tricks around plug-in development that I found useful through my experience of hacking plug-ins. It was cool to see the glee on people’s faces when they learned about things like Ctrl+3 and Plug-in Spy.

There was also a lot of CDT fans in the audience. One person was complaining how CDT4 wasn’t fast at indexing his ~20 million LOC product, which could be fair, however, I told him to try out CDT5 which is part of Ganymede. I know that the CDT team spent a lot of time improving the indexer for CDT5 to handle the most ridiculously sized projects out there. The interesting part of this discussion was the fact that he never bothered to ask about his problems on the CDT newsgroup or mailing list. If you don’t ask, how can you expect someone to help you? I wonder how we can better direct people to asking questions on the newsgroups… I wouldn’t want Eclipse adoption impeded by silly things like people not asking questions about their problems.

Overall, I enjoyed meeting everyone and especially some of the new faces I haven’t seen in person before (hi Mustafa). I hope Google does something like this in the future, maybe on the east coast this time, around their NYC offices ;)?

Eclipse Embedded space doing well…

I just saw a press release fly through my inbox from Express Logic.

Express Logic, Inc., the worldwide leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOS), announced that it has joined the Eclipse Foundation, an open-source community, whose projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle.

“We’re excited to become part of the open-source community through membership in the Eclipse Foundation,” commented William E. Lamie, president of Express Logic. “Our initial impression has been outstandingly positive, and we’ve been greeted with offers of cooperation and assistance from the community that are most refreshing. Our initial efforts have already resulted in the introduction of a commercial product based on Eclipse, our BenchXâ„¢ IDE, which has recently won awards from VDC and We plan to work with the other members of the Eclipse Foundation to help strengthen the Eclipse ecosystem with our particular emphasis on benefits to embedded developers.”

Kudos to the embedded Eclipse community and especially those guys behind the CDT and DSDP projects to make things grow so quickly.