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Eclipse Help System and non-Jetty web servers

For those who are interested, there is work in the 3.5 stream to make the Eclipse help system pluggable (again!). I’ve come across quite a few people that have had use cases to use something other than Jetty so please comment if you do!

There’s also talk about moving the Help System to Lucene 2.4, if you have a vested interest in this for some reason, please comment here.

Kind Words About Eclipse Help

I always say that kind words are cheap so it’s nice to hear that the Eclipse help system got some praise from the DITA blogging community:

…Eclipse Help is nonetheless extremely interesting as a case study of how a fully-featured Help system can be delivered, and could be used as a model or benchmark for cross-platform Help.

It gives me warm fuzzies inside when I hear kind words about PDE so I hope the Eclipse UA team has some of those warm fuzzies now 🙂

The Awesome Button

I don’t know if people had this experience, but searching on was painful for me (by painful, I mean I couldn’t find anything I wanted quickly). I recall requesting the UA team implement a feature in the 3.3 cycle that involved grouping search results. Lo and behold, the team just did that:

Thank you UA team!