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Hello Wiesbaden and EFE 2008

Eclipse Forum Europe (EFE) 2008 started today in Wiesbaden, Germany. I’m only suffering minor jet lag at the moment 🙂

There was a lot of interesting tutorials today. Since I love plug-ins, I decided to stop by the ‘Developing Rich Client Applications’ tutorial hosted by Benjamin Pasero (not working on Jazz work items at the moment ;p), Matthias Lübken and Stefan Reichert. There was a good number of attendees that did a really good job of following the tutorial content:

Now it’s time for a jet-lag induced afternoon nap.

All that Jazz

For those who haven’t heard of Jazz yet, it’s IBM’s next generation team collaboration platform. What the heck does that actually mean? Well, I think it’s better just to watch a video and find out. However, I’m not incredibly convinced of this so called “Community Driven Commercial Development.” If I learned anything so far in my career, people in commercial development are bad at community building and open-source style of development (note, this is a generalization, but this is what I’ve mostly seen).

On a side note, all I can say is that Jazz loves Eclipse Forms. Who said you can’t do cool things in the Eclipse UI?