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Marlboro Man and the Equinox Summit

My first day in Ottawa and all I can think about is the Marlboro Man. I guess since arrived late into Ottawa this evening for the Equinox Summit, I was blessed with a hotel room that was probably occupied by the Marlboro Man before I arrived. Since the hotel is full, I have to endure the smoky smell until tomorrow 😀

On the Eclipse-side of things, I released changes for 3.4M3 that will upgrade Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment (BREE for short) from coach to first class (thank you Gary Duprex for your patches and patience). Why are BREE’s good? Read PaScaL’s blog post.

In the new plug-in project wizard, you’ll see an option to set your target environment:

Also, we now flag missing BREE’s in honor of Remy Suen who may suffer from a heart attack if people don’t set BREEs in their bundles.

Note: I know you can have multiple BREE’s per bundle, but we currently don’t support this scenario in the new plug-in project wizard due to the rarity. If additional BREE’s need to be added, PDE offers a fantastic forms-based editor and a source editor with code completion.