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Ganymede IP Review Deadline

It’s that time of year again… the IP deadline for the Ganymede release was recently announced, January 31st. This basically means that Eclipse committers (especially project leads) need to file your Contribution Questionnaires (CQ) in IPZilla before January 31st or risk not being part of the Ganymede release train.

This is also a good time to discuss the Orbit project. If you have any CQs, it’s also nice to have your library in Orbit as it ensures that we won’t have any duplicate third-party libraries within Eclipse projects (a pet peeve of mine), they will all come from the same source. The libraries will also be packaged in a friendly OSGi and Eclipse way. Here’s a link to the current list of libraries within Orbit. I personally have been going through CQs and making sure that libraries that are used by two or more projects make their way into Orbit. I recently added quite a few Apache Commons libraries used by projects to make the burden less painful for the IP team when they get deluged by CQs in the end of January.