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#OSCON 2015 and the Rise of Open Source Offices

I had a fantastic time at OSCON last week. It was a crazy busy week for Twitter announcing that we are helping form the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and unifying some of the work that has been going on in the Kubernetes and Mesos ecosystems:

It’s rare that you see two communities and the large companies behind them put their egos besides and do what is better for everyone in the long term in the infrastructure space. We also formally joined the Open Container Initiative and plan on donating an AppC C++ implementation in the future:

Thank you to everyone who came to our ping pong tournament party and learned a bit more about the sport of table tennis:

We also had a great @TODOGroup panel at OSCON discussing how different companies are running and establishing open source offices… along with what works and some lessons learned:

Finally, thank you to everyone who came to my talk about lessons learned from Twitter creating its open source office on Thursday:

It’s always amazing to see how many companies are starting to form open source offices, from my talk I tried to highlight some of the better known ones from larger companies and even startups (along with their mission statements):

I really expect this trend to continue in the future, for example Box is looking to hire their first Head of Open Source and even  Guy Martin was just hired to create and run an open source office at Autodesk… Autodesk!

At the end of the day, as more businesses become software companies to some nature, they will naturally depend on a plethora of open source software. Businesses will look to find ways to build better relationships with the open source communities their software depends on to maximize value for their business, it’s in their best interests.

Twitter at @oscon

We love open source at Twitter, we’re a big proponent and user of open source technology, from Ruby to Linux to Java and a variety of Apache projects. I’ll admit that Twitter hasn’t been as open as it can be about things, but I recently joined to help change that. As part of our commitment and effort to share what we’ve been working on with the open source community, some of the flock are appearing at OSCon next week in Portland, Oregon.

Keep an eye out for @raffi, who is giving a keynote on Twitter’s move from Ruby on Rails to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).  You can also hear more in-depth details on the move from Rails to Java in a session with @raffi and @stevej. Feel free to mention us on Twitter if you’d like to connect.

If you love to work on hard problems, open source and want to @jointheflock, track us down to discuss some of the positions we have available:

Feel free to connect with me at @caniszczyk, I’m always up for a frosty beverage to discuss open source or anything you may be interested in at Twitter. I’ll also be out on Tuesday and Wednesday morning before the conference for a run around the downtown Portland waterfront if you’re interested.