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New Article

I just topped off an EMF article which will be included in the new EclipseReview magazine (should be available @ EclipseCON). It should give a good introduction to EMF and especially the technologies surrounding EMF. Here’s an outline of what I covered:

  • Introduction to EMF
  • EMF Components
    • EMF Core
    • EMF.Edit
    • EMF.CodeGen
  • Development with Ecore
    • Defining your model
    • Generate your code
  • EMF Code Snippets
    • Creating EMF objects
    • Observing EMF objects
    • Persisting EMF objects
    • Dynamic EMF (Reflective API)
    • EContentAdapter – Listening to your whole model
    • ChangeRecorder – Recording changes to your model
  • Introducing EMFT
    • EMFT-Transaction
    • EMFT-Validation
    • EMFT-CDO (net4j)
    • EMFT-Query
    • EMFT-OCL
  • Introducing GMF
  • Conclusion

Oh, I finally moved to blogger 🙂