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Callisto Bootcamp Thoughts

So, after Wayne (maybe I should mention Swing so I get more hits also) emailed me a few days ago about the bootcamp for comments, I have given it some thought on how I would present the projects in Callisto. I have this thing where I like to show how projects use each other (a little cross-pollination). I would breakup the bootcamp into three parts. The first part would be with what I call, the “core” projects: Platform (JDT, PDE…) and CDT. It would be nice to show the diversity of the Eclipse platform by demonstrating that you can work with Java as well with C/C++ (language agnostic). Maybe Doug can import the Mozilla code as part of the CDT module 🙂

The next part for me would be to show off GEF, EMF and GMF (in that order). I’ll refer to these as the “core frameworks.” I would start with a simple shapes example in GEF. After people had a taste of GEF, I would bring out EMF and whip out a simple shapes model. To top it off, I would demo GMF by taking the model created in the EMF module and use GMF to generate a graphical editor (so we can come full-circle). The important thing to note here is that GMF takes advantage of both GEF and EMF.

To finish our Callisto adventure, we could dabble with VEP, DTP, WTP, BIRT, TPTP (in that order). Start out with VEP, showing off some eye-candy (mention that it uses EMF for its core models). DTP would be demo’d, I’d create a database using Derby, do some queries on it… The next step would be to create a web app using WTP that takes advantage of the database created using DTP. Then BIRT would be next to show off some of Eclipse’s reporting capabilities using the aforementioned database. (mention the usage of EMF/GEF by BIRT). Finally, TPTP would be demo’d by profiling a java application and then generating some interesting reports (mention the BIRT integration in TPTP, TPTP also uses EMF for its core models).

So, those are my thoughts… comments :o?