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The Ten Days of Callisto…

On the first day of Callisto,
my Eclipse committers gave to me
a Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) for free.

As part of the Callisto release, I’ve agreed to write an article with Gunnar about the Callisto release so I figured I would start featuring each Callisto project in blog posts to help me finish the article. For each project, I went out and spoke with project committers to get their perspective. Let’s start with GMF:

GMF brings to Callisto and a more efficient means for Eclipse developers to create graphical editors based on EMF and GEF. Based on model-driven development techniques, GMF leverages a series of models to generate editors targeting the feature-rich GMF diagramming runtime, which can also be used in the absence of the generative framework for the creation of high quality editors. Follow the GMF Tutorial cheat sheet and online tutorial to get started.

— Richard Gronback, GMF Committer, Borland Corporation

Look for other posts in the future if I’m not lazy about it 😉