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GMF 2.0 Project Plan Posted for Comments

The project plan for GMF 2.0 has been posted and there has been a request for comments. To me, the GMF project is huge in terms of what impact it may have on tooling in the future… it’s only time…

Don’t know what GMF is (wouldn’t surprise me that much since people who start using GMF usually come from the land of GEF which not many people are from)? Take a look at the GMF Wiki for some good tutorials that can help you get started. If that isn’t enough for you, I’ve been working on a new article about GMF that builds off my old (and famous) “Using GEF with EMF” Eclipse Corner article. I’m going to take the EMF model used in that article and using GMF to generate a graphical editor out of it (and hopefully show that GMF saves you a ton of time if you have ever dabbled with EMF/GEF before).

Also, on a side note… anyone else annoyed when you goto “{wtp,dtp}” you get nothing?