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Class of 2006

This year, Eclipse is participating in Google’s Summer of Code. Google has been kind enough to offer some money to students to work on an open-source project of their choice. Eclipse has 11 (!) projects this summer aiming to enhance various aspects of Eclipse. Here they are:

* ECF BitTorrent Provider (#144133)
o Student: Remy Chi Jian Suen
o Mentor(s): Chris Aniszczyk, Scott Lewis, Wayne Beaton

* Word Wrap for Text Viewer and Editor
o Student: Ahti Kitsik
o Mentor(s): Philippe Ombredanne

* Generic form description and a prototypical implementation of a render engine for Eclipse RCP
o Student: Steffen Grün
o Mentor(s): Gunnar Wagenknecht

* Enhancing Mylar’s Bugzilla Integration
o Student: Jeff Pound
o Mentor(s): Mik Kersten

* Mylar Trac Connector Plug-in
o Student: Steffen Pingel
o Mentor(s): Mike Kersten

* Real-Time Shared Editing
o Student: Mustafa K. Isik
o Mentor(s): Scott Lewis

* Shared Code Plug-in (SCP)
o Student: Marcelo Mayworm
o Mentor(s): Scott Lewis, Ken Gilmer

* Eclipse RCP Installer/Packages Generator
o Student: Jacobo García
o Mentor(s): Francois Granade

* A Distributed Object Application Debugger for the Eclipse Platform
o Student: Giuliano Mega
o Mentor(s): Fabio Kon

* Basic Eclipse Mono Development Environment and Contributions Towards an Eclipse IDE Generator
o Student: Rebecca Chernoff
o Mentor(s): Doug Schaefer

* Duplicated code detection tool (SDD)
o Student: Iryoung Jeong
o Mentor(s): Pascal Rapicault

I’m personally thrilled about each of the projects (a few that involve collaboration, which Eclipse desperately needs). A special IRC channel has been setup for the students: #eclipse-soc. I encourage everyone to help out the students if they have time 🙂