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The Power of Eclipse (I told you so)

Almost a year ago, there was an announcement regarding Aperi…

Aperi will be modeled after the Eclipse consortium set up by IBM in conjunction with other vendors to handle open-source projects to create development tools and frameworks for building software. Eclipse was spun out from IBM in early 2004 to become an independent, nonprofit organization called the Eclipse Foundation.

When I was first saw this announcement, I thought it was silly to setup another consortium modeled like Eclipse, instead of joining Eclipse. Well, not to my surprise, anyone see the new Aperi project proposal :)? I think the main issue was that a lot of the initial donated code was full of Swing love and will need to be eventually ported to Eclipse love. Looking at the proposal, it seems they are shifting to RCP…

…The evolution of the GUI to a full implementation of the Eclipse RCP will likely center on the Aperi topology viewer and the BIRT reporting engine.

Eclipse, +1
organization modeled after Eclipse consortium, 0