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I just got back from South Padre for my 4th of July fesitivies (note: don’t fall asleep on the beach with your shades on, I ended up with a raccoon tan). When I got back, I decided to boot Eclipse and see how the SOC BitTorrent project was coming along. I’ve been helping the student (Remy Suen) on the project for awhile, however, he has been fairly autonomous and hasn’t had to suffer from my mentoring too much 😉 I was delighted to see the progress (there’s a few kinks) so I decided to download Eclipse 3.2 torrent using a sample UI included in Remy’s work.

Not too shabby eh ;)? I think we’re getting really close to a MIT/EPL’d BitTorrent implementation for all. Remy has done a fantastic job and I encourage people to mess with things and provide some feedback.