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Icons on a Plane

Ok, I hate the new Blogger. I have to cut my feed to ‘short’ now as they fix a bug. Here’s my last post before things went crazy:
I have noticed that Eclipse has a new User Interface Architecture Group responsible for all things usability. Well, on a recent plane ride leaving NYC, I tried to hack up some new icons (to no avail, my InkScape skills were lacking) for ECF as the current ones cause my eyes to bleed.

So, what are people’s thoughts about creating some type of project in Eclipse focused on providing icons and usability advice in general? Other Eclipse projects would be able to file bugs against this project by attatching screenshots, or requests for icons. I feel that if we had a project like this, Eclipse (and its subprojects) could benefit from a more consistent user experience. Furthermore, I feel that the process of how icons are created isn’t really transparent at all.

Who knows where that little plugin icon came from PDE 🙁