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You learn something new everyday it seems (I’m a dolt). If you have a file in a plug-in like detailed in this bug report, Eclipse’s update facilities will take care of changing permission to the proper value. Much better than writing a crazy custom installhandler framework to do this type of stuff πŸ˜‰ However, it would be nice if there was an extension point that could run commands based on feature lifecycle…

<extension point="org.eclipse.update.installhandler.commands">
<configureCommand class="org.eclipse.MyCommand1" />
<installCommand class="org.eclipse.MyCommand2" />

Commands would probably be really simple with an execute() and undo() type methods (ie., these would be called during the respective install/uninstall or configure/unconfigure stages). I don’t know, what are people’s thoughts? Is this something useful or should we just shelf it as a requirement of the new update story in Eclipse?

On a side note, PDE build also supports setting crazy permissions if you ever come across this issue in your Eclipse endeavours. I’m blogging about this so hopefully search engines pick it up easily in the future so others don’t get called a dolt by fellow colleagues πŸ˜‰