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SiteOptimizer Fun

At IBM, I have some crazy product responsibilities at times. There was a case where a product had a gargantuan update site. If your update site lacked digests, Eclipse’s update core would go and fetch feature information from each feature. On a slow connection (or even on a decent connection) this can take awhile (minutes…). For the Callisto release, Eclipse came up with a solution to this problem using site digests (along with crazy Pack200). So, I decided to be a hero and create a full site digest. Oh the horror, it turns out SiteOptimizer has some problems with features that aren’t fully filled out (description, label, etc…) and also with properly parsing NL. I’m not sure how widely SiteOptimizer is used outside of Callisto, but I decided to toss a patch out on bugzilla in case someone else runs into this problem in the future.