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Zurichian Notation

There’s a fairly common and unspoken rule in the open-source community that when you contribute code to a project or component, you should strive to follow the same standards the component your contributing to follows. I’m horrible at this rule. I was introduced into something along the lines of Hungarian Notation, which I nicknamed Zurichian Notation 😉 On the bright side, I managed to enhance the functionality of JFace Text (with the gracious help of Dani) to support case insensitive WordRule’s. This can be very useful if you have editors for things like SQL.

Some of you may be wondering why I exactly fixed this bug, it is because PDE has a demanding (and sometimes ridiculous ;p) community that wants better editing support. Some of you may not know this, but OSGi headers are case insensitive. This isn’t a scenario that PDE currently supports yet, but with the JFace Text fix, we are hoping to support this in the near future.