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Reviewing EclipseCon 2010 Submissions…

During the holiday break, I’ve been reviewing EclipseCon 2010 submissions with other EclipseCon Program Committee members.

Wow is all I can say. It’s going to be tough to make decisions this year given that there are a lot of solid submissions. On top of that, I’m thrilled to see some new faces this year too. I’ve been on the program committee for the past few years and it’s always good to see new faces submit talks.

One thing you can do to help the program committee is to raise your voice and comment on submissions. The submission system is open to the public and you can comment as long as you have an Eclipse Bugzilla account. I and the rest of the EclipseCon program committee appreciate any comments you have. I personally go through the comments of each submission that I review. Heck, feel free to even ask the submitter questions about their talk or how they can potentially make the talk more relevant to you. The key thing is that this process is done in the open as much as possible.

So please comment if you have some down time during the holidays.