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The Future of Application Servers at EclipseCon

Over the past few weeks, I’ve helped plan and organize a panel at EclipseCon called The Future of Application Servers.

In the past few years, application servers have been evolving rapidly and with the advent of OSGi leaking into application servers, we are seeing modularity being introduced to the typical application developer. The main goals of the panel is to explore what application servers may look like in the future and how application server programming models may evolve. The panel will feature leaders from their respective application server communities… from Eclipse Virgo (dmServer) to IBM Websphere:

  • Glyn Normington (VMWare/SpringSource)
  • Graham Charters (IBM)
  • Rich Sharples (JBoss/Red Hat)
  • Mike Lehmann (Oracle)
  • Greg Wilkins (webtide)

John R. Rymer from Forrester Research will be moderating the panel.

If you’re interested in the future of application servers, swing by and attend EclipseCon!