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OSGi DevCon 2010 – Working with OSGi

Tomorrow as part of OSGi DevCon 2010… Simon Archer, Jeff McAffer, Paul Vanderlei and I will be giving an awesome OSGi tutorial. The tutorial will take you through developing a fully functional OSGi-based application based on the famous Toast example from the OSGi and Equinox book.

We’ll cover the key elements of OSGi and creating OSGi-based systems with principles and practices that are applicable in a wide range of application domains and execution scenarios. A lot of time and effort went into the book and Toast example. In my opinion, the Toast example is the best OSGi example out there and you’ll benefit from learning it.

Why should you come to our OSGi tutorial? Well, you’ll have the eyes and ears of four guys who have been doing OSGi for many years. On top of that, you’ll get to hear us make some controversial statements like when programming OSGi, don’t use OSGi. Oh, and you’ll hear Jeff talk about how modularity is the lubrication of collaboration.