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Friends of Eclipse Program Expansion

The past couple days I’ve been in scenic Raleigh, NC for a board meeting. The committer representatives and I brought a proposal forward to help alleviate some of the problems discussed in bug 313479. The goal is to expand the Friend of Eclipse program and use funds to benefit the entire Eclipse committer and contributor community.

Here’s the exact board resolution…

RESOLVED, the EMO is instructed to expand the Friends of Eclipse (FoE) program to:

a) provide greater community transparency regarding the allocation of funds, consistent with the Bylaws; and
b) consider greater inducements for larger donations.

All donations will be used for the benefit of the entire Eclipse committer and contributor community.

The EMO will create a governance process for transparently allocating the FoE funds.

Stay tuned for details, the expansion should hopefully be implemented in the near future. In the end, the committer representatives hope this helps the Eclipse community and makes people think about becoming a Friend of Eclipse to support Eclipse!