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Reminder: SF Eclipse Birthday Party

This is just a reminder that next week on November 29th, Kevin Sawicki (Github) and I are helping to organize a Eclipse DemoCamp in honor of Eclipse’s 10th birthday in San Francisco! It will be hosted at Thirsty Bear Brewing (@thristybearbrew) at 7:30pm.

The current agenda features 5 speakers who will have about 15 minutes each to present about their topic while you imbibe on delicious beer.

  1. Lars Vogel – Why development with Android Development Tools for Eclipse rocks
  2. Tom Schindl – e(fx)clipse – JavaFX-Tooling and runtime for JavaFX applications
  3. Mike Milinkovich – Introducing Orion – Web-based development from the people who brought you Eclipse.
  4. Kevin Sawicki – Github integration with Eclipse
  5. Elias Volanakis – Writing native mobile applications in Java with RAP
We only have room for 40 attendees so please sign up early on the wiki!