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#RagnarNapa 2015

Last weekend, I had a lot of fun running the Ragnar Napa relay for the first time. Outside the sleep deprivation being stuck in a van for ~30 hours, the run was very scenic. I started the relay by running the first two legs which surprised me with some sand running, along with gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge:

After that, we had a brief lunch stop in Petaluma:

Next, I had some fun with night time running with running Leg 13 and 14 back to back:

I then enjoyed a sunrise view before starting my last leg (#28) which was an enjoyable short ~5k run to end my relay duties:

Overall, an amazing relay race, super well organized and highly recommended! I will definitely take a look at the other Ragnar relays out there.

@RogueRunning Trail Series 2015: The Ranch

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to finish the Rogue Trail Series at the beautiful (but a little muddy from all the rain) Reveille Peak Ranch:

I finished in 02:58:58 with the first two 10K laps taking about 54 minutes each and the final painful lap taking about 70 minutes. I ended up fighting some stomach issues in the last few miles and just couldn’t keep my pace in check (hey it happens).

In the series, I finished 10th overall with a cumulative time of 08:26:23 which I’m happy with, definitely not my best but I’m getting back in the swing of things.

Next up is my favorite trail series of the year… Capt’n Karls! Nothing more fun than running races in the dark with your headlamp, who doesn’t love 7pm start times?

@RogueRunning Trail Series 2015: The Tangle

This morning I had the opportunity to take part in The Tangle 30km:

Besides getting rained on a couple times, it was a beautiful run in the hill country. It was my first time at Flat Creek Crossing Ranch and I enjoyed the wide open terrain and even a cave on the course. Time wise, I ended up finishing in about 2:43 which isn’t fantastic but I’ll take it given the course was challenging and new to me. I’ll be better equipped next year.

Anyways, next up is the last race of the series, Reveille Peak!

Hells Hills 25K

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of running the Hells Hills 25K in Smithville, TX

It was a beautiful course and I averaged 8:54 min/mi.

Next up, the Tangle 30km trail race.

@RogueRunning Trail Series 2015: The Maze

Yesterday, I had a fantastic time running the first edition of the Rogue Trail Series for 2015, The Maze:

I managed to finish in about 2 hours and 37 minutes according to Strava:

I definitely went out of the gate a bit to fast and suffered later on, but the course was beautiful. Anyways, I’m really looking forward to the next race in the series which is at Flat Creek Ranch.

@3MHalfMarathon 2015

This morning I ran the chilly but beautiful 3M Half Marathon:

According to Strava, I was about a 7 minute mile pace most of the race, with a little extra kick at the last mile.

On the whole, while not close to a PR, I’m pretty happy with the time.

#DeckerChallenge 2014 Half Marathon

I had a great time running the challenging Decker Half Marathon today:

I’m trying to get back into running shape where I can consistently do a half marathon under 1:30 but I’m not back there yet. I definitely made the mistake going out of the gate a bit to fast today so there was no negative split for me when finishing the race. On the plus side according to Strava, I ran an average page of 7:16 and burned 2000+ calories.

In the end, looking forward to increasing the track workouts to get my speed up a bit in the future, especially that the New York Times is saying that we need to “Run to Stay Young” (or just stay in shape).

#ZilkerRelays and the Car2go Marathon Relay

Over the past couple of weeks, I had the opportunity to run in the Zilker Relays and the Car2go Marathon Relays. For the Zilker Relays, I ran a pretty solid pace of 6:20 min/mile over 2.5 miles:

Although during the first mile, I ran a sub 6 and that was obviously a terrible idea that didn’t contribute to me finishing with a negative split.

For my car2go marathon relay leg, I ran a 6:55 min/mile over 4.3 miles:

Looking forward to the next relay race, they are always a fun way to push yourself with a group of people.

#oscon 5K 2014

I’m getting in the habit of posting more of my race results so it guilts me into running faster in the future. Last week I had the opportunity to be at OSCON for work and ran in the wonderful 5K they put on:

I finished third in my age group and 6th overall with a 6:35/mi clip!

#CaptnKarls 2014: Muleshoe Bend

Yesterday I had the opportunity to run the second race in the Capt’n Karls trail series. It was beautiful a night:

There were two 15km loops and I had some trouble logging the first half of the race, however, I finished in around 1:28 for the first time and had a pretty hard fall that scratched up my phone. For the second loop, Strava started to behave and I was able to record my progress:

Suffice to say the second loop was a lot more painful for me. I finished a bit over three hours which is OK but I was really shooting for a negative split to get me under 3 hours for the race.