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#CaptnKarls 2014: Pedernales Falls State Park

Last Saturday evening, I had fun running the Captain Karls Pedernales Falls trail race, the first in the series for 2014. It was fairly hot and hillier than I expected:

However, it was absolutely beautiful chasing the sunset into the late evening:

I decided to do the 30k and finished the race in 2:56:

It was a crazy finish because I managed to chase down someone about a kilometer from the finish line and then he tried to catch me at the end so it was a full sprint the last 400 meters or so to the finish line. Not the way I wanted to end the race but I recall being 7th overall in the group so that’s not too bad!

Trail Race: XTERRA 16k Muleshoe Bend 2014

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take part in the XTERRA 16k in beautiful Muleshoe Bend. Besides waking up at 6am during the weekend, it was a great race and I didn’t have any issues running the course or slipping on a cactus.

I could have definitely ran the course a bit faster given that I placed 4th in my age group, but I wanted to enjoy the scenery:

I ended up running the 16k in 1:23:16 which is about an 8:22 mile.

Next up? Capt’n Karl’s night time trail series 🙂

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#RunAustin Half Marathon 2014

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve been neglecting my blogging about running. Last week, I had the opportunity to run the Austin Half Marathon during an extra humid morning.

My splits were:

  • 5K: 24:00
  • 5m: 38:42
  • 10M: 1:15:43
  • 21K: 1:39:32

Overall, I felt pretty good minus the humidity causing me to be soaked.

I’m confident that I’ll be able to finish the Boston Marathon in a couple of months, just not sure how fast I want to do it yet given my level of training currently.

For those who aren’t aware, I’m fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society so if you have the means, please consider donating. I promise to live tweet the full marathon!

Zilker Relays 2013

I recently had the opportunity to run one of my favorite local relay races last Friday, the Zilker Relays.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I ended up having to run the lead and anchor legs as we had trouble with our 4th runner. It was a pretty hot Austin summer evening with the temperatures still hovering around 100 degrees when I started my first leg. I decided to take a bit easy the first leg since I still had another leg to run. I ended up finishing in 16:05.4 which I considered an OK time for me not putting in punishing workouts at the track lately. The only benefit of the last leg was that it was roughly 5-10 degrees cooler than when I started due to the sun setting… ended up finishing in 16:43.0!

Lesson learned? Travel less for work and spend more time at the track to get my speed up!

I look forward to running the Car2go marathon relay later in the month.

Bluebonnet 15km and Rogue The Loop 10km

I had a lot of fun last weekend taking part in two trail races as I work to get my speed back up. The first was a beautiful 15km trail race in Reveille Peak Ranch (@RPRTexas):

I took it pretty easy on the hilly trails and enjoyed the views from the top:

I ended up finishing in 1:27 running a 9:20 min/mile pace.

The next morning I ran the Rogue Trail Series: The Loop race. I finished the 10km trail race in 49:58 and ended up 12th, so not that bad. I had a lot of fun chasing folks:

I look forward to the last race in the series which a few years ago I had the special honor of slipping and falling on a cactus, it was good times.

Rogue Trail Series 2013: The MAZE

I’ve decided to start writing about my running again.

Why? I like to do it and it helps me to perform better. Since starting a new job at the tweet house a couple years ago, I’ve neglected my writing about running and the desire to run a sub 3 hour marathon. That’s going to change today though! Last week, I participated in the first race of the Rogue Trail Series titled The MAZE. It was a beautiful morning to run:

The Maze

I started in the back because I arrived a bit late and had to pass a lot of people which was fun. While the course had some single track terrain, there were ample opportunities to pass people. I even tried to vine me passing someone to see how that would turn out while running at a decent clip:

I ended up finishing decently at ~51 minutes and could have easily picked up the pace towards the eng. More importantly, I felt great at the end:


I look forward to the race in the series!

Steep Ravine Trail Run

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of running the Steep Ravine Trail Run put on by Coastal Trail Runs. It was a fun race, the only downside was getting to the start line… I showed up a few minutes late due to the fog and had to make up for some lost time. My plan was to take it fairly easy the first few miles since all we were doing is climbing…

Once I made it to the top… I was floating on clouds ready to tackle the descent, the fog was mesmerizing.

I made up a lot of lost time on the way down… the conditions were a bit slick but the terrain wasn’t too technical. At the start of my second climb which met up with the Dipsea trail… the course became more technical. On the way down on the Dipsea, it was muddy and plenty full of slick steps…

I managed to finish the race in 2:21 (2:26 if you include my late start) which is definitely not the fastest time for me, but considering there was a lot of climbing and the trail was fairly technical I’m happy with the time. As an added bonus, I finished third in my age group and still have a few months of training before tackling the North Face Endurance Challenge trail marathon.

Canyon Meadow Trail Half Marathon

Due to taking a new and fun job, I’ve neglected my blogging as of late, especially when it comes to running. My new goal is to fix that as it’s important for me to hold myself accountable when it comes to improving my running performance. My pace has slowed down a bit since San Francisco just can’t compete with Austin when it comes to the fitness and running scene.

However, there are some nice trail runs put on by the Coastal Trail Run folks here and there. Last week, I ran the Canyon Meadow trail half marathon. The run started out beautifully, the weather was great. The downside was that I was a little late to the start line so I had to wade through a lot of people…

There was a lot of climbing involved the first several miles which hurt, that’s what I get for not looking at the elevation profile until after the race…

However, once the hills were done, the trail was beautiful and just involved coasting downhill for the most part…

I ended up finishing in 1:56 and 6th in my age group which isn’t that bad, but no where near my old sub 7 trail running days a year or so ago. But hey, practice makes perfect, the next race I have planned is the Zombie Runner on June 16th, let’s do it.

Silicon Labs Marathon Relay 2010

This morning I had the pleasure to run the Silicon Labs Marathon relay in Austin, TX.

I had the second leg which was a 10K and finished it in about 41 minutes which isn’t that bad for me. It was also delightful to run as a ringer on the Austin Runners Club women’s team. Overall, I felt good and think I’ll be good for the Chicago marathon in a couple weeks… my right ankle showed no sign of pain!

Captn’ Karls: The Shoe 2010

Last weekend, I ran The Shoe (part of the Captn’ Karls trail series). The course was pretty challenging given the fact that my ankle isn’t 100 percent still and there were rocks everywhere…

And then it got dark which made it a bit worst when it comes to detecting rocks… so of course I managed to roll my bad ankle again…

I ended up finishing in roughly 3 hours and 20 minutes… which I’ll take given the course…