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Gerrit Code Review Book

It’s great to finally see a book out there on Gerrit Code Review. First off, it’s amazing that the cover features the Gerrit mascot which is the kung fu review cuckoo

As some of you may know, I’m a huge fan of Gerrit and was involved with enabling it for Eclipse Foundation projects as part of our great Git migration. I also shamelessly support pretty much anything else that embeds JGit.

Anyways, I spent some time last weekend going through the book and I found it did a great job introducing Gerrit while taking care of basic setup gotchas. If you’re interested in using Gerrit at the Eclipse Foundation (or else where) and have no idea what the hubbub is about, I highly recommend checking the book out. As an advanced Gerrit user, I found the Appendix sections on working with GitHub (Gerrit supports replication) and integration with Jenkins (or Hudson) well done. As a bonus, I also learned about GerritHub which I had no idea existed.

In my opinion, the main downside of the book is that it didn’t cover an advanced Gerrit feature regarding tweaking submit rules with Prolog (which could always use more documentation), however, you can check out the online docs for some solid examples.

In the end, it’s always good to support authors who take the time to write about open source technology. Check the book out!

Managing Git Repositories

I’ve had a few people that have come to me recently asking advice on how to manage Git repositories across teams. Besides the common but limiting setup of using cgit and ssh, there are a few other options that people seem to be not be aware of.


Gitblit is an open-source (under APL 2.0), pure Java stack for managing, viewing and serving Git repositories using JGit under the covers.

It’s very easy to setup if you have Java installed and you get a nice web console for managing Git repositories with metrics and all of that other good stuff you’d expect from a source code management system. If you’re just looking for a system to manage Git repositories for a small team, Gitblit looks like a great option.

SCM Manager

SCM-Manager is an aptly named management system for SCM. It works with Git out of the box but also supports Hg and SVN.

I personally haven’t played around with SCM-Manager but from the bitbucket commit logs, it looks like a pretty active project with a variety of extensions if you say needed to work against an ActiveDirectory server for authentication.

Gerrit Code Review

On top of allowing you to manage your Git repositories at a very deep level (permissions can be set via refspecs), Gerrit has a built-in code review system.

Gerrit is a mature project, used by open source projects such as Android and Eclipse. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for not only a system to manage your Git repositories but a code review system that tightly integrates with Git. It’s nice to note that code review items within Gerrit are Git-related artifacts. You are pushing git commits to Gerrit that can be shared and crafted by your colleagues. I find this to be a distinctive quality over other code review system such as ReviewBoard.

Anything else that I missed that people use out there?