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Things I munched on in Poland…

When I travel, I’m generally a fan of all things food and drink. In my dream of living as Anthony Bourdain for a day, I decided to sample the variety of culinary delicacies in Poland. My first stop as with any place I generally visit is to get some local beer. In Poznan, there was a great brewery in the city center… they have a great Hefeweizen that I was a fan of…

For breakfast, all I had to do is see this and have some… I mean… come on…

The next culinary destination was og√≥rki ze smalcem. Apparently this was a meal popular with peasants and other common folks… essentially it’s pickles and lard you spread on bread. At 8 zloty ($2 USD), this dish could have fed a small army.

Next on the list was some plums wrapped in bacon… I mean… anything wrapped in bacon is delicious… it’s the chocolate of meats…

The other item I ate was Sledzie. This was an item I avoided in my youth as I just don’t do pickled fish. My mom would be proud to know that Sledzie was offered for free with every shot of vodka you took (a sign of a great food apparently).

And to top off any meal in Poland, no better way to do it then with some Polish vodka.

In the end, I loved my culinary adventure in Poland.

Speaking at Poznan JUG

I’m excited to be heading back to the motherland next week.

My main focus will be GeeCon, however, I got invited to present at the local Poznan JUG with some other folks. I was initially going to talk about API evolution and management but I got roped in to talk about e4. While I’m no Boris Bokowski when it comes to e4, I’m sure I can educate and entertain people for around 30 minutes on where the the Eclipse platform is headed. So if you’re in the area and want to learn a bit more about e4, please consider attending!

I’m also thrilled to meet Dariusz Luksza in person who is currently being mentored by Matthias Sohn (SAP) and the EGit team for Google Summer of Code 2010 at Eclipse. He’s doing some great work around adding tagging support to EGit and will be focusing on the synchronize view soon along with the rest of the EGit team.

Anyways, see you in Poland next week!

Speaking at GeeCon 2010

I have the honor to speak at GeeCon 2010 later this year which will take place in Poznan, Poland.

I will be giving an Introduction to EclipseRT, Equinox and OSGi.

There’s a lot of exciting things happening around EclipseRT withing the Eclipse community and I hope to spread that love in Poland. If you’re not too far away from Poznan, I highly recommend attending GeeCon as the list of speakers is fantastic.

On a side note, I’m excited for a chance to visit Poland again as Polish is my native tongue and I’ve been out of practice for awhile. Furthermore, I’m looking forward to having some frosty piwo’s with the locals.