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#CaptnKarls 2014: Pedernales Falls State Park

Last Saturday evening, I had fun running the Captain Karls Pedernales Falls trail race, the first in the series for 2014. It was fairly hot and hillier than I expected:

However, it was absolutely beautiful chasing the sunset into the late evening:

I decided to do the 30k and finished the race in 2:56:

It was a crazy finish because I managed to chase down someone about a kilometer from the finish line and then he tried to catch me at the end so it was a full sprint the last 400 meters or so to the finish line. Not the way I wanted to end the race but I recall being 7th overall in the group so that’s not too bad!

Trail Race: XTERRA 16k Muleshoe Bend 2014

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take part in the XTERRA 16k in beautiful Muleshoe Bend. Besides waking up at 6am during the weekend, it was a great race and I didn’t have any issues running the course or slipping on a cactus.

I could have definitely ran the course a bit faster given that I placed 4th in my age group, but I wanted to enjoy the scenery:

I ended up running the 16k in 1:23:16 which is about an 8:22 mile.

Next up? Capt’n Karl’s night time trail series 🙂

The Loop Trail Run

Yesterday, I had fun running The Rogue Trail Series: The Loop race. I managed to walk away with a time of 49:13 and placed 12th overall (6th in my age group). I could have ran a bit faster, the problem I faced was that I ran alone for the most of the race. That’s the downside of not blasting out of the gates… you sometimes end up in a position where you don’t have people to pace you to keep you up front.

Also, in my opinion, the terrain was a lot more technical than the first race in the series. The only thing missing was a little water… we had some in the last race and it was fun sliding around!

zx maze

The final race in the series is on June 21st… my goal is to place in the top 10 somewhere. Wish me luck!