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@Flight Conference 2014

I had a great time at @Flight, our first mobile developer conference at Twitter where we announced Fabric. As part of the conference, I helped organized a small run in the morning to start things off, it was nice to see about 20 people show up to run a 5K (ok, it was really more like an 8K with hills).

At the conference, I had the opportunity to talk briefly in the Lightning Theater about some of the open source technology behind tweets, in the context of what happens behind the scenes of a typical API call.

I hope the audience left with some new knowledge and appreciation of what helps power those tweets they see everyday. I posted the slides on Slideshare if anyone is interested. I look forward to us doing this next year, it’s about time that we do more developer focused events at Twitter.

Twitter at @oscon

We love open source at Twitter, we’re a big proponent and user of open source technology, from Ruby to Linux to Java and a variety of Apache projects. I’ll admit that Twitter hasn’t been as open as it can be about things, but I recently joined to help change that. As part of our commitment and effort to share what we’ve been working on with the open source community, some of the flock are appearing at OSCon next week in Portland, Oregon.

Keep an eye out for @raffi, who is giving a keynote on Twitter’s move from Ruby on Rails to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).  You can also hear more in-depth details on the move from Rails to Java in a session with @raffi and @stevej. Feel free to mention us on Twitter if you’d like to connect.

If you love to work on hard problems, open source and want to @jointheflock, track us down to discuss some of the positions we have available:

Feel free to connect with me at @caniszczyk, I’m always up for a frosty beverage to discuss open source or anything you may be interested in at Twitter. I’ll also be out on Tuesday and Wednesday morning before the conference for a run around the downtown Portland waterfront if you’re interested.

I’m going to @JoinTheFlock

I will be leaving Red Hat shortly for a new opportunity. In my opinion, Red Hat is at the forefront of open source and I think they are one of the best open source companies to work for. I enjoyed my time there working with the Eclipse and Fedora communities (I truly respect their open source mission). However, it’s time for me to seek new challenges and stretch myself in greater ways. I’m going to @JoinTheFlock by taking a position to kick-start and manage Twitter’s open source efforts.

Twitter uses a lot of open source code, from Ruby to Scala to many other projects from places like Apache. On top of that, Twitter contributes a bit to open source, checkout there GitHub page for some of Twitter’s work. I’m looking forward to representing Twitter, spreading the open source love and shaping open source policies with Twitter’s engineers and legal team. I have a lot of ideas of what Twitter could do in the open source arena and look forward to sharing those with you in the future.

How will this impact my involvement with the community? Not that much, I plan to remain involved with the community and even other open source communities. I find to be one of the most professional open source communities, I like the friction caused between commercial and open source interests, we are better because of it. Anyways, I look forward to shipping the Eclipse Indigo release with everyone next week and definitely the Juno release next year.

I’ll have more to say soon, if you’re interested you can follow me on Twitter as @caniszczyk.

!@#$%^& Twitter bots…

The Twitter bots know how to get you where it hurts…

And again…

What’s next?

Twitter Bird…

So I was having my espresso-laden coffee this morning at the Whole Foods HQ and what do I see?

Twitter Bird

For a second, I thought the Twitter bird came to get me because I didn’t update my Twitter status within 24 hours… however, I decided to use this serendipitous moment as inspiration to let everyone know that Eclipse has a burgeoning Twitter community. Furthermore, you can follow the Galileo release on Twitter!

Personally, I was a bit worried that the Twitter bird was going to use my MacBook as a toilet…