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Remember those old Choose your Adventure books? Well, I want to take the same approach for a talk/class I’m going to give at the upcoming EclipseWorld conference: 507. Eclipse on Cell Phones!? An Introduction to the Embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP).

For about half the talk/class, there will be a lot of speaking regarding the history of eRCP and many other joyous things about eRCP. The last half, will be more like a lab where we work on some cool exercises. The last half is where I leave it up to the community to define (hence, choose your own adventure). I had a few ideas regarding showing how you would port a typical application to work on eRCP (I was going to use Wayne’s oh-so famous Sudoku example). Another idea was to go through the basics of developing your first eSWT, eWorkbench and eUpdate-able applications.

So, any ideas what people would like to see? I have about a month to put things together 😉