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This week in Eclipse

There has been quite a bit of moving lately in the Eclipse project space. I’ve noticed that the eRCP project has moved its newsgroups to fall under the DSDP project. Richard Gronback has also notified that “we are now part of the new top-level Eclipse Modeling Project, this newsgroup will migrate from to eclipse.modeling.gmf” I wonder when the other “modeling” projects will move (ie., EMF).

Gunnar and I have an article out on Java Developer’s Journal that has quotes from the various committers of the Callisto release. It’s interesting to see the mix of companies in the quotes (I tried my best not to get all IBMr’s, but you guys never return my phone calls ;p)

Also, there’s a great article (that Wayne needs to publish, *cough cough*) by Christian Damus (master of all things EMFT) that focuses on EMFT/OCL.