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Silly Students, Programming 1.0 and Ooooooo… jUploader

I had to speak at the University of Texas at Austin recently about Eclipse and gave some Tips & Tricks around the JDT for students who are just starting Java. It’s amazing to see how far ctrl+click, content assist and templates go with students just starting Java. I even had one student come up to me saying he used Notepad exclusively… I thought… sweet, how useless, maybe Microsoft should hire him as an intern. I decided to coin one of those cheezy buzzwords (only way to become famous these days ;p) to refer to his practice, Programming 1.0. I told him to come to the world of Programming 2.0, which is the IDE/Eclipse space. If he really had some cojones, he come to the world of Programming 3.0, which Mylar is a part of (I’ll expand on these concepts in a later posting).

What’s fun about presenting to college students is that conveying the idea that Eclipse isn’t just an IDE is getting easier. It turns out, that college students are a big fan of BitTorrent for various reasons. Well, one of the best “RCP” applications is a BitTorrent client called Azureus that is used widely.

After the presentation was done, I was informed of a new “RCP” application called jUploader. jUploader allows you to work with Flickr (and other similar services) to upload photos. Check out the screenshots!