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Eclipse is about people

Well, the news is in, the Eclipse Community Award winners for 2007 have been announced. Congratulations to all, it was a great year for Eclipse!

I have a confession to make, about four years ago I thought Eclipse was about the source code. I remember grabbing a copy of Eclipse and just being amazed at all the cool things it could do. I spent a lot of time playing with the source, seeing how things were done and tinkering with things. However, it wasn’t until I started to interact with the Eclipse newsgroups that I saw the real side of Eclipse. Eclipse is all about the community, not the source code out there. All of us in the community rely on each other to get questions answered and problems solved (and by doing that, we in turn become part of the Eclipse community).

I just wanted to say thanks to all that have voted and more importantly, thanks to the community. I just view myself as a guy who is simply reciprocating the wonderful help I have received from people like Ed Merks on the newsgroups; Paul Webster, John Arthorne, Kim Horne, Philippe Ombredanne (and many more people!) on IRC.

To all, let’s keep the ball rolling by just helping each other out and taking the time to help new community members (there are many outlets to do this). The greatest strength in Eclipse lies in its community and lets remember, in the end, Eclipse is about people.