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We do tooling but our business is people

The Eclipse 3.3 release cycle has gone really well for the PDE team. Considering the relatively small size of the team, we’ve managed to fix a ton of bugs and add a plethora of new enhancements (from people who didn’t submit patches btw ;p). The PDE motto has always been, “We do tooling but our business is people.” With that stated, the PDE team is entering the polish phase of the release cycle and we implemented things known as “theme weeks.”

This week’s theme is “anything product related” needs to be polished. Next week is primarily all things cheat-sheets. We are inviting the community to comment and file new bugs that they would like solved before 3.3 closes. We will pay special attention to these requests and try to fit them in the plan as we understand that PDE plays an important in the future growth of Eclipse.