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IRC and Europa

It’s that time again, my semi-annual lambasting of people to get on IRC. With the Europa release, getting on IRC should be easy as pie with ECF (heck, you don’t even need to leave Eclipse anymore to chat!). I tend to keep my IRC presence in a fast view so it’s easy to hide and bring up when I feel I need to chat or someone pings me. There are two main channels, #eclipse (for everyone) and #eclipse-dev (for committers).

For those who don’t “get IRC,” well, it’s the way it works in open-source. Open-source users these days expect to find help on IRC from open-source projects. Having a strong presence on IRC tends to be equated to having strong community outreach (when is the last time someone said something bad about Gentoo‘s community?) I would love to see more CDT and PDT people on IRC as there are a lot of questions that go unanswered in this area. It’s also a good opportunity to get to know your fellow committers.

In the end, I mean, even Wayne managed to get things working, and he doesn’t get IRC at all 😉