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Before leaving for my brief peacock-filled Cancun vacation, I really wanted to try out an RCP application. I didn’t have the chance, but now that I’m back, let’s give it a try.

What application was it?

MyTourbook is a small RCP application that allows you to work with various exercise computers like the Garmin Forerunner series. The software currently out there for these types of devices is generally lacking major functionality (like running on multiple platforms) and feels like it was written by a team of crafty monkies banging keyboards to produce code.

To my initial dismay, the website was all in German but that didn’t stop me from trying the application out. I gave it a test-spin using some data from the recent LiveStrong Challenge I completed:

I guess everything looks good besides me having a 0bpm heart rate for the whole ride 🙂

I hope we see more of these niche applications in the future based on RCP and companies like Garmin take notice that one guy in Germany can pretty much outdo their software development shop. Maybe instead of spending most of their time coming up with a Mac port for their current release, Garmin could spend more time innovating on cool features 🙂