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Eclipse and Clouds

I often think that Eclipse is the victim of its own success when it comes to problems related to assembling the mass of plug-ins available for people. Nonetheless, this isn’t a bad problem to have. However, when it comes to problems, people tend to come up with solutions. It looks like we have another unique solution to this problem of plug-in assembly by Cloudsmith today.

From the announcement, “…the site, now in public beta, is designed to make it easier and faster for developers to assemble, use and reuse software components. Cloudsmith’s infrastructure also aggregates the work of developer communities to help them create and maintain software configurations, with or without the support of a commercial vendor.”

How does this compete with the recently launched Pulse service? I don’t know, it’s hard for me to test out the Cloudsmith service behind my 56k-like connection currently in Jakarta. All I know is that the Eclipse community is starting to have a lot of options in how it gets its Eclipse and we may see the day that Eclipse downloads outside of the Eclipse Foundation’s walls will be more common place.