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Plug-in Development Workflow

I had a colleague of mine who recently started a consulting gig doing some Eclipse work locally and he’s running into the problem of teaching his client Eclipse plug-in development workflows. But before we get into that, he managed to find one of the few clever easter eggs we have hidden throughout PDE:

He was highly suspicious of PDE giving him code completion for my name but I told him it’s reasonable, my last name is pretty hard to spell 🙂

So, back to answering his question on plug-in development workflow. When the PDE team gives a tutorial about plug-in development, we generally include this graphic detailing how we think the workflow should be:

The graphic may not be that useful for experienced Eclipse developers, but we’ve found it helps new people understand the basics of plug-in development. Early next year, I plan to write an article that goes over these steps in detail and the tooling we provide for these steps (e.g., the Organize Manifests wizard).

Ok, back to my special egg nog mix. Happy Holidays!