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MyTourbook Facelift

For those RCP and cyclist enthusiasts out there, the MyTourbook application I blogged about a few months ago got some updates. There’s an option for imperial measurements (for us poor Americans), support for new devices like my Garmin ForeRunner and mapping capabilities. The mapping capabilities are very cool. I didn’t know of a project called Geoclipse that allows you to add mapping capabilities to your RCP applications:

The story about how the primary author of MyTourbook added the mapping capabilities is neat and shows an aspect I like about the Eclipse ecosystem. To quote him,

…After researching the Internet I found the geoclipse project which does exacly what I wanted. With a few clicks by adding the geoclipse plugins to my configuration and starting the application, the map was displayed, after additional 2 hours of work the tours are also displayed in the map. I think this shows how powerful the Eclipse platform is to plug components together