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Prosyst Equinox Contribution

Ian Skerrett must be doing a lot of marketeering today… I’ve been seeing a couple of press releases go through my inbox. Prosyst officially announced some of its recent graduated contributions to Equinox:

  • Initial Provisioning (CVS) (note: not related to p2)
  • IO Connector (CVS)
  • Wire Admin (CVS) (note: nothing to do with wiring packages)
  • Declarative Services (CVS)

This is good news because the old Declarative Services implementation in Equinox sucked due to concurrency issues and Equinox didn’t have any of the other mentioned implementations. It’s good to see more services out there for people to take advantage of… especially when they are in the OSGi specifications.

With that said, anyone want to contribute Declarative Services tooling to PDE? New contributors don’t be scared… I have room for you in the PDE Incubator 🙂