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I just wanted to let everyone know that this is my last week with IBM. I have decided to pursue life as an independent and to the delight of the Eclipse Platform UI team, my choice doesn’t involve apple farming or going to an ashram (inside joke).

I hear life as an independent is fun, you get to hold signs like this…

In reality, my personal mission has always been to make Eclipse/OSGi as successful as possible. I just have decided to spread the Eclipse/OSGi love as an independent.

It’s been a true pleasure working with everyone and seeing Eclipse grow over the years. For now, I plan to continue to get Eclipse 3.4 out the door. Also, I will still be attending the E4 Summit next week for those who want to grab a beer. I think e4 is very important to the success of Eclipse and I will remain involved there.

On a side note, for those in the Boston area this weekend, let me know if you want to discuss open-source and Eclipse over a frosty beverage 🙂