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So let me tell you a story about my new Macbook Pro and J2SE6. I was working with an application that required J2SE6 and when I was ready to do some self-hosting, I was greeted with this:

My first impression was like… oh no, what a newbie I am… I forgot about the carbon and 64-bit JVM issue. The only funny thing I got out of it was a new word for my lexicon to describe my situation: ‘carb0wn3d’ (credit to Kevin Barnes of the SWT team ;p).

However, never fear, there are good ways to deal with this issue for now. At least in my case, I have cases where I need to do development and test on multiple platforms anyway. VMWare Fusion allows me to do this very well and it even integrates well into my desktop:

Cool huh? Easy multi-platform testing for me now šŸ˜‰

Anyone have better suggestions besides waiting or hacking on the SWT Cocoa port šŸ™‚