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Why SAP Chose Equinox

Ed Merks recently blogged about the Eclipse members meeting. My favorite take way from this meeting was that SAP chose OSGi (Equinox) as their application platform. On top of that, SAP is going to contribute to the Equinox project to make sure that it is “enterprise ready.”

I was pretty sure Equinox was “enterprise ready” already, but I learned that “enterprise ready” in SAP terms is meaning to support something like 50,000 bundles running… sounds like fun! It was also very encouraging to see SAP adopt open-source technology where it makes sense and even commit resources to the open-source projects that are important to them. The move from simply a consumer to a producer of open-source technology is a huge one. For large companies like SAP, this isn’t always easy due to corporate culture.

It was also interesting to see that SAP was very methodical in their choice of OSGi framework. During the members meeting, they showed their test results pitting the various frameworks against each other:

It’s cool to see Equinox come on top most of the time. I’m sure with SAP’s involvement in the future, Equinox will shine even more.