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The I’m Feeling Lazy Button…

I don’t consider myself lazy, but there are certain things I don’t want to think about sometimes. For example, the Urbanspoon application on the iPhone has saved me from answering the question of what’s for dinner… I simply just have to shake my phone:


Mmm… burgers!

How is this related to Eclipse? Well, the Mylyn project just got a new feature based on one of my long standing requests:

The ZX Button

Why is this useful? Well, there are times when I just want a task thrown at me versus something that I have scheduled in advance. I think it’s human to just want something new or different. The current algorithm I believe just picks a low priority task that’s not scheduled… it could be interesting to plug your own algorithm for assigning yourself a task. It could be as simple as a random task… it could be what is currently in place… or it could be something more sophisticated based on your preferences. Anyone have some thoughts?

Now only if I can shake my Macbook Pro to get Mylyn to assign me a task…

Note: If you want to try out this feature, grab the latest Mylyn 3.2 weekly build.