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Rock the Eclipse Board Vote 2009

Howdy committers, if you checked your email recently, you know what time it is… the annual Eclipse Board of Directors elections is going on!

I have the honor this year to be up for re-election as a committer representative. I’ll try to keep this short of why I think I should earn your vote but it boils down to my passion around Eclipse. I’m the guy who tries to attract new projects at Eclipse, I mentor a slew of projects and simply have the desire to see Eclipse succeed. My two main goals as a committer representative this year will be to look at getting DVCS support at Eclipse and making it easier for committers to provide input to the Eclipse BOD. While I was on the board, I helped setup a blog and newsgroup to allow for a communication channel between committers and the committer representatives. However, this has been mainly one way (recently Doug Gaff has done a great job of providing notes)… I think we can do better and have some ideas on how to do improve this communication channel.

Also, as Boris mentioned, in previous years, the turnout has been lower than desired so it would be great if you found the time to vote this year.

So what are you waiting for, go rock the vote!