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Boston, Taxis and Linux Core Dumps

I was in Boston last week for the Eclipse Board of Directors meeting. It went great, a few Eclipse committer colleagues and I worked hard to make sure the foundations were in place for Git at Eclipse. My dream of having Git tooling developed at Eclipse along with moving to using Git at Eclipse is slowly coming true.

While I was in Boston, I had time to catch a Red Sox game… Fenway Park is amazing:

Red Sox

Unfortunately the Red Sox decided to lose, but that’s OK.

One of the highlights of the trip was finding out that the taxis in Boston run Fedora Linux. How do I know this? I saw one of the Boston taxis core dump and took a quick photo:

Fedora Linux Core Dump Taxi

Unfortunately the photo doesn’t show that it’s running Fedora, but I saw the coredump happen in real time! I swear! I always wondered if your taxi ride is free if your taxi core dumps…

Who says it isn’t the year of Linux?