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2009 in Numbers

2009 is just about over and it’s time for reflection. I like to reflect on things using numbers. About a quarter of the way into 2009, I made it a goal to start logging more things that I do. Here’s what I’ve managed to come up with for 2009.

In terms of fitness, I used Dailymile to help with the logging.

From the statistics, I only ran a disappointing 0.03 times around the world. On the bright side… I burned 350.96 donuts off, powered 45.79 TVs and burned about 18 pounds. In terms of running, my best half marathon time this year was 1:33:03… still a bit short of the sub 1:30 I was shooting for this year.

Twitter was new to me this year. It was a mixed experienced, I also decided to tweet more than blog. My stats for the year are interesting, I tweeted over 6,400 times, have 861 followers and averaged 12.3 tweets a day.

My twitter density was also interesting…

I can generally attest that nothing good comes out of tweeting late hours 🙂

Also, thank you to everyone that follows me. I hope I keep it interesting most of the time. Do I find Twitter beneficial? I don’t know… it reminds me of the days of being on IRC all the time in a variety of channels. One thing is certain though, Twitter has entered the mainstream. Has it jumped the shark yet? No, but it may in 2010 if a more intriguing alternative arises.

In terms of travel, I use Tripit to keep track of my information. I managed to visit 19 cities and rack up 114,862 miles (according to I did 176,373 miles). I plan on using Tripit next year to help manage my travels. I highly recommend Tripit or a similar service to help manage your itineraries.

In terms of open source software, I recommend using Ohloh as a way to track some of your activity. Since the majority of my open source contributions go to, I can use the Eclipse Dash facilities to get a rough idea of contribution. I ended the year with 7,371 commits with 473,674 lines of code changed. I think the numbers are slightly high due to some massive refactoring, but hey, that’s a good thing, right? According to bugzilla, I filed 297 bugs against Eclipse this year.

Ok, that’s all I can think of for 2009 so far. It’ll be fun to compare things in 2010.

In the end, thanks everyone for reading.