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Calling projects interested in Git…

Are you a project hosted at

Do you like to live on the bleeding edge?

Do you like Git?

Well, good news, the Eclipse webmasters are taking beta testers!

Here’s the notice and instructions from the webmaster team…

At this time, I’m looking for three or four projects that are willing to
beta-test a working git repository at Please note the following:

-> Your PMC should be informed about (and be OK with) your desire to do this

-> We’re testing, so your current CVS/SVN repo remains your primary code
repository at all times

-> Our git repos are currently not integrated with any other tool
(Committer Dashboards, ViewVC)

-> We don’t currently offer git over http/https. That will come in time.

-> Our documentation for Git is a work in progress

-> Webmaster knowledge of Git is a work in progress

-> We can certainly import your existing CVS repo into git, but now is a great
time to start fresh

-> We will try our best to preserve your “beta” git repos once we declare git
is “live”, but we reserve the right to erase it all start fresh should we
realize we’ve done this all wrong.

If all of this hasn’t scared you away, please send me an email at while CC’ing your PMC and we’ll hook you up git. You can
read our Git work-in-progress doc here:

Welcome to git, folks. We’re getting there.

So please join the EGit and JGit projects using Git at Eclipse.

The only way we’ll make Git a first class experience at Eclipse is if we start using and living it.