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EGit and JGit Builds Available

I have some good news everyone.

The EGit and JGit projects at Eclipse are producing consumable builds via Maven3 and Tycho.

It took awhile to get the build story working due to the diverse needs of all the consuming parties. There was a desire for JGit builds to produce p2 and maven artifacts and have those consumed by the EGit build. If anyone has worked with this mixed mode situation before, they should understand the pain of getting everything working. If you’re working in a mixed mode environment or already tied to maven, I highly recommend giving Tycho a chance (the team was also very responsive when we hit issues).

We will also be scheduling a release review soon to get an official incubation build out for everyone to try and give feedback. The only way the tooling will get better is if people try it and file bugs (or even contribute patches). You can be an early adopter and try installing the latest builds. We also have an extensive contributor guide online if you’re planning to contribute patches with Gerrit running to facilitate patch review.

If you hit problems or have suggestions, file bugs and try the EGit mailing list.