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Eclipse and Academia

I’ve seen a lot of interesting stuff as of late that relates to Eclipse technology being used in academia. For example, Ugo Sangiorgi has been working on a position paper around the Sketch project for FlexiTools 2010.

Another cool Eclipse-related academic item I just saw was Code Bubbles. I also know that GEF3D has done some work in academia. Heck, the Mylyn project got its start as an academic project for awhile. I wonder if there’s something more we can do to make it easier for academia to participate in the Eclipse ecosystem and benefit from it. Here are some ideas that popped out in my mind…

  • Should we have closer ties to academic conferences
  • How about a list of all academic publications that use Eclipse technology
  • How about having an “open source technology incubator” that lets people take a project and build a business (e.g., Mylyn -> Tasktop)
  • Amend EclipseCon to accept position papers and have them published in a Eclipse focused academic journal

For those living in academia, what do you think? What would benefit you?